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Earthmovies is a non-profit organisation originally established in Germany, connecting protection of the environment with the media.
We produce documentaries, interviews and are happy to support environmental projects.

What we believe in:

Everything which lives on Earth is connected.
Every action we take affects the rest.

Film is a good tool to restore visions of places and species in danger of extinction as well as to spread positive messages and to educate.

In the 21st century we can see how the actions of human beings are creating the degradation of ecosystems, indigenous communities and tribal wisdom, of the animal world and our own quality of life.

Earthmovies' goals are to:
* create a collection of films about Earth and life on Her, accessible for everybody.
* promote sustainable and respectful co-existence of human beings with the natural world,
* provide information about environmental and social issues.
* make reportages, interviews and documentaries.

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