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Nhapitapi Mbira (meaning “pure sweet mbira”) is a Toronto-based band formed by Memory Makuri, Mutamba Rainos and Evelyn Mukwedeya. The group performs traditional Zimbabwean music based on the mbira instrument. Memory, Mutamba and Evelyn started playing together in 2008 .We have played at festivals including Afrofest and Bana Ya’Afrique and performed a variety of shows in Toronto, Peterborough, Kingston and Hamilton. Since 2009, the three musicians have been performing as Nhapitapi Mbira at musical hot-spots such as the Toronto Harbourfront Centre, were recently recorded for Toronto’s Talent (a Rogers TV show) and regularly conduct workshops on mbira theory and practice, hosho (shakers), ngoma (drums), vocals and dance. Nhapitapi Mbira’s interest is to present mbira music as a living African music genre, which is entertaining and healing.

Please visit Nhapitapi Mbira at, sonicbids.com/nhapitapi myspace.com/nhapitapimbira and Facebook.