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  1. Thank you for uploading this video. I stumbled upon it while looking for inspiration for doing my part of the Great Commission... maybe some street preaching or tracts...God has always/will always use the Nations of the World to discipline His children.…
  2. This was helpful. We don't get much in the way of mass shootings up here in Canada; but desperation can bring out the worst in good people. Most of us DON'T 'carry' ...but in a WGC (world gone crazy) scenario, a lot of us are going to be creative…
  3. Thank you for a 'place-to-start' for a 3 day B.O.B. - Some really good ideas on how to keep it all organized. And i was surprised to see so much can be done with some forward thinking and being careful not to double up.
  4. Your vid was inspiring...I can identify with the fellow who said he's in front of a computer all day and 'looking' outside and knowing *that's* where the life happens. - you are right - - - There really is NO excuse. Thanks guys.