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    Personal Agent Webinar Training Sessions

    by David Carroll

    0 Videos

    softRealty.com is hosting personalized training sessions with agents via live webinar to review anything and everything having to do with online technology. Topics covered may include SEO, Website…

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    softRealty.com Website Tutorials

    by David Carroll

    9 Videos

    How-To videos for managing your softRealty.com website.

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    Inman Real Estate Connect NYC - "Outside the Sessions"

    by David Carroll

    8 Videos

    softRealty.com interviews other real estate technology companies and super stars about their experience at REConnect.

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    Inman Real Estate Connect NYC 2010

    by David Carroll

    4 Videos

    David Carroll speaks on stage about Anonymous Lead Capture to packed room full of Real Estate Agents and Brokers.

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    Startup Atlanta

    by David Carroll

    3 Videos

    David Carroll, founder of softRealty.com rebranding as Creative Roof, presented at Startup Atlanta. Our company won the two categories: Most Viable and Crowd Favorite

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