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I'm A Older Guy Living In Minnesota Who Lost His Love/Life In 2012 She Is My Everything!
When We Were Able We Were Nude And Love The Freedom Of Being Nude!!!
I Still Wont Turn On The AC And Out In The Country Who's Going To Complain!!??
My Love Wrote A Story About When Her Dress Got Caught In The Wheels Of Her Wheel Chair And All The Chickens Fainted LOL!
She Is A BEAUTIFUL Woman, It Was Just A Joke But That's How We Are, We Love Being Free!!!
Running Around As Free As We Could!!!
We Love The Nudist Life Style But Minnesota Isn't Much Of A Place For It, Its Already In The Lower 40's At Night LOL!!
So That's It For Now, Just Trying To Make It Through Life Alone And Being My/Our self!!!!


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