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Recovery from an injury or illness requires a lot of patience. And often times, with injuries like a traumatic brain injury (TBI) it takes coming to terms with differences in life post-injury.
Stroke victim, Phil Collis, understands these differences first hand. He encourages anyone faced with such challenges to never give up. His life has taken the path of a crusader. Learn Phil’s story…

I think it’s fantastic how we cope with coming to terms with things that have happened to us. I always think that ‘the coming to terms bit’ is hardest part to recovery. Until we can learn to live with ourselves, how can we move along the road to recovery and how can we expect the people around us to understand? Many of these people are the ones with whom we often take out our frustrations.
I think it’s excellent that people use the method of writing about how they live with stroke and how it can help other people. I’m afraid that writing is not my forte, but I am truly passionate about talking about stroke. In fact, it’s difficult to shut me up! I have been asked if I would look at being a ‘stroke comedian’. I know that I walk a bit funny, but didn’t realize how some of my more amusing experiences of living with stroke bring a smile to people’s faces. And to me, you just can’t buy that! As they say… if you can’t smile – don’t worry, have one of mine. They are free!!!
About the Author: Phil Collis suffered a sub arachnoid brain hemorrhage at the age of 17. This caused a substantial stroke leaving the left side of his body paralyzed. Phil is now almost 55 and giving up was never an option for him.
Phil works as a community stroke ‘specialist’, developing services across health, social care and voluntary sectors in consultation with local people affected by stroke to improve their independence, well being and life in society. He also provides stroke awareness/prevention training and presentations.

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