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I early received the idea that there is something more with express themselves by showing human picture of the situations in life that something very honest and brutal.

I like to give the viewers a little shock with photos and audio. - Something about touching a sore point that turns an uncomfortable feeling or that they feel that they step into something that is private. If it should work it must be nuanced and developed in relation contemporary language and narrative technique. It is perhaps that storytelling is all about?


  1. Lisa Enes
  2. Frederic Doazan
  3. Så Länge Skutan Kan Gå Rec
  4. Kaia Kjos-Kendall
  5. Nora Svalheim
  6. Miriam Modig
  7. Den norske filmskolen
  8. Benjamin Mosli
  9. Audun Bratlie
  10. Leander Håvik
  11. Montages
  12. Jonas Rand Haukeland
  13. Tor Edvin Eliassen
  14. weggebros
  15. Mimi Gall
  16. WG Film
  17. Vapen och Dramatik
  18. Hedda Kristine

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