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In 2006, the New York based independent production company Ephelants, was born. In becoming a unique enterprise, Ephelants established itself as a business minded and creative think tank that specializes in producing feature films, television shows, commercials, print and web content. In doing so, Ephelants merges commercially viable projects with artistic innovation, giving American and International audiences profitable products of multi-platform ventures, executed with technical excellence.

The Ephelants business model enables its staff to approach each project with the unprecedented freedom to develop, formulate and execute ideas in expressing a creative vision. In addition to ensuring utmost quality, the Ephelants team fulfills its obligation and is committed to providing first class customer experience, using its full service facilities to turn ideas into reality. As a result, the thought-provoking entertainment leaves audiences wanting more. Ephelants isn’t just about satisfying the needs or desires of today, but setting standards and creating content that will lead the path to tomorrow.

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