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Senior physicist at LBNL and lacrosse parent for former University of Oregon player, now graduated. Started on Super 8 in the 70's. Now use a a Canon XA10 , iMac with external firewire drives and FCPX. I shoot lacrosse highlights and game summaries, but interested in all types of video. Outside of Vimeo, my videos are under the name bhsvideodad on Youtube.

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  1. They say the audio is 50% of any film. It could be 90% in this. The music, audio of the ocean and the voice over are incredible here. Glad I had my headphones on when I watched it.
  2. Claude Lyneis commented on EGGSPORT
    OK. The chemistry is C + O2 (2 molecules) makes CO2, one molecule. Then PV=nRT, so n is smaller V is fixed so P goes down and physics (pressure differential) provides the fforce. Interesting way to make scrambled egss.