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Artistic Director of The Actor's Underground, Nyle Lynn Maritch is a supportive and encouraging acting coach who specializes in coaching actors for auditions and creating customize acting reels to highlight her students talent and castability. She directs and coaches all of the reels and writes the majority of them. She also enjoys working with students who are writers or great improvisers and can direct the material that they write or help them create it via improvisation.

As a working actress herself Nyle Lynn knows how important a good reel is and how frustrating it is to do on camera acting work in films, tv, and on the web yet never get your footage. She when through all of that herself which is why she started creating customized reels for actors. Nyle's specialty is Speed Reel Monologues, she can write one for you and coach you to your best performance so you have an amazing 1 min clip for Actors Access and the like. She also directs short 2-3 page scene with 2 actors and you can see some example of that here too.

If you need a great acting coach contact her at
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