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Till Plains of North America

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I am a 57 year old environmental geologist. My passions are climbing (ice and rock), motorcycling, sailing, primitive weapons, photography and history. I use my work as an excuse for adventuring. Film is a medium that I have recently become interested in. I love the camera as it can reveal the beauty we over look in what appear to be common places, things and people. I love motorcycles, climbing and sailing as they take you places most people only dream of. I document my adventures mostly for myself...so that when I am too old to do them any more, I can return to my glory days via my field notes, photos and films. Hopefully others might find some pleasure in them too.


  1. Byrd Polar Research Center

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  1. No one wants to read your trash spam - take it to youtube you idiot.
  2. Timm and Rich as a geologist I need to give you some advice. Don't lick rocks. Its not healthy.
  3. A fine bit of work and incredible scenery. Thanks for posting it.
  4. This is an artful film, however for me, its like seeing a film about any racist group. Although the producer is highly talented, the subject matter is distasteful...to be understated about it.
  5. Ein sehr professionell sind künstlerische Film. Jedoch ist die Verwendung des Themas von "Motorcycle Diaries" ist ein bisschen Klischee '. Gut gemacht.