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Grain Valley, MO

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After 5 years, The Producers of the Award-Winning Heartland Bowhunter present, Heartland Waterfowl! Executive Producers Michael Hunsucker and Shawn Luchtel have teamed with passionate Midwest waterfowl hunters Ronnie Philips and Logan Burditt, who have pieced a quality team that have enthralled themselves with the HB concept. This successful concept will offer a waterfowl show unlike any other in the industry. Like HB, Team HW tells a compelling story though creative filming and honest experiences, while incorporating and promoting the true ethics of waterfowl hunting and endorsing the sport to women, children and those less fortunate. As Heartland Bowhunter has strived to be one of the most watched outdoor television programs available, it is of the same mindset that Heartland Waterfowl incorporate professional production guidelines and expectations to motivate this team to be the very best in the industry!


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