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Mar Vista, California, U.S.A.

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Art is my life.
Santa Monica, CA. is where it all started.
My formal visual education began in the 1970's when the cable installers from Z Channel arrived.
Since then - it's been a long ass journey through audio and visual arts working in Television, Film, Radio Theatre, Performance Art... It's been a long haul through the inspiring times and the inevitable oceans of mierda.
I created Backward Brilliance Productions to bring forth true, unbridled arts. No rules, no bullshit... Pure vision in the kaleidoscope of life.
I hope my projects bring forth a unique perspective to you. Yes - YOU, as If only ONE person sees my work, I feel I've accomplished my mission. Corny? Maybe, but my life is dedicated to art.... I have no choice.
David Spero Peligro


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