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Visuallab is a multifaced lab of experimentation in the fields of visual imaginary creation, in function of Live show above all contexts.

Since 1996 Visuallab artistic growth highly improved during the collaboration with LINK (Bologna most upfront venue since early 90s); through this experience, Visuallab became one of the first Italian realities experimenting the emphatic union between electronic sounds and images.
Years have passed by, with the involvement of various artists in the project, expanding Visuallab’s fields of participation. Beside it, a decade of research about Vjing softwares and skills, has brought Visuallab side by side with some of the greatest names in the international dance music scene (Jeff Mills, Carl Craig, MIss Kittin, 2manydjs, Ricardo Villalobos, Laurent Garnier).
Its work has gone ahead since then, adding to its experience videoinstallations, cinema productions, formative activity, and music tours (Samuele Bersani, Caparezza).

Videoinstallations include art creations of its own, video scenographies for theatre shows, brand products presentation, public buildings projections (Rome, Notte Bianca, 2006/2007; Rome, Villa Borghese, 2005).
Cinematographic activities involve Visuallab as partner of Emilia Romagna region in the making of five social communication spots (shown on MTV, june 2009).
At the moment, it’s working on the production and realization of a documentary about Sahrawi people (Algeria), part of which has already been screened on Sat2000 tv show “1 x 1”.

Formative activities have been based on experimental methodology of learning audiovisional techniques, called Participative Video. There have been various projects involving Visuallab partner: Zalabtv (Tunisia, 2006); Integral Bologna (Bologna, 2007); Volcano Film Festival (Catania, 2008); Storie extraordinarie (Bologna, 2008).

Finally, Visuallab takes care of visual technical design in cultural events and trade shows (Future Film Festival; Italia Wave Love Festival; Elettrowave).

Current members of Visuallab are Umberto Saraceni, Carlotta Piccinini, Maura Costantini.


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