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My name is Cinnamon Willis and I love making dolls. I was born in Brooklyn New York and I’ve been interested in art since the age of 6. At 8 yrs old, I was enrolled in a comic book drawing class at Brooklyn College where I was the youngest of the group. In 2005, a multimedia gaming environment along with a poster I created was on display at The Queens Media Arts Development (QMAD) as part of their annual Framing AIDS art exhibition. I graduated from The New York College of Technology with an Associates degree in Art and Advertising and a Bachelors degree in Communication Design. I just recently started creating dolls as of July 2010 seeking advice from other doll makers that I’ve met on the internet and at gallery openings. I came up with the name “Melandolly’s” for my dolls since they were intended to express a feeling of sadness. I have been learning and improving on my dolls ever since and constantly looking for new styles and techniques.

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  1. Nice, I haven't had any luck with Sculpey.