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Hey there everybody just got this new Vimeo Channel hope i get everyone interested in what I'm doing. And i will be trying to update my video content as much as possible. So please stay tuned into my channel by the month. Also Keep a look out for updates of when my website will be up and running.

Full Name:Jordan Mayfield
Age: 24, years of age
Sex: Male
Occupation: Videographer/Video Editor/New company owner,Flow Point Productions

Years of filming:8 years and running strong
Whats in my Heavy Sac,
1,(Japan Model) Sony V X 1000
1,(American Model) Sony V X 1000
1,Century Optics Mach 1 Fish eye
1,Panasonic H V X 200AG-H D
1,Macbook Pro 15inch,(This is for the On the go H D dumping)
1,12ft Long Eazy Dolly Tracking
Bags,Ogio Ty Model

I would like to thank all the following companies for there support.
Supra Footwear
Kr3w Clothing
Plan B Skateboards
Mystery Skateboards
Momentum Wheels
Kitsch Skateboards
Red Dragon Apparel
Color Magazine
SBC Magazine
Concrete Magazine
DC Shoes
Globe Shoes
Circa Shoes
Coastal Riders Skate Shop
Thanks for your support..

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