Julie Upmeyer

Istanbul, Turkey

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Julie Upmeyer is artist and initiator based in Istanbul working with everyday materials and space: paper, plastic, food, the internet, her home, the street. Her curiosity lead to work with Res Artis, the international network of artist residencies, and a three-year nomadic life - working in India, Germany, Austria, The Netherlands and Greece.

Settling in Istanbul, she initiated Caravansarai, an independent project space and meeting point, an emerging production space, artist-in-residence program and an open exploration of the interactive possibilities of food, space and the internet. caravansarai.info

Her ongoing projects include
- The Virtual Chef : food in the real and networked world virtual-chef.net
- Observer in Residence : a reflective presence observer-in-residence.net
- Sold in Istanbul : an exploration of food and household products

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