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Biography: Lucilla Hoshor
I have taught computer art and animation at SCAD for 24 years and still really enjoy seeing students develop into industry professionals. Collaboration in the classroom leads to lifelong friendships. SCAD students continue to make lasting aesthetic improvements across the globe.

Who’s Who in American Teachers, Lucilla Hoshor Professor Hoshor has been teaching computer art, acting and animation at the college level for 23 years. Hoshor started by pioneering SCAD’s first performance art group The Expressionist Café using the first 20 Amiga Computers off the assembly line for a wide variety multi-media performances in 1988. Since then Lucilla Hoshor has published in Animation Magazine and has had computer art, animation and oil painting exhibited internationally. She is currently finalizing a book Acting Through Animation – Igniting the ‘Toon Spirit in collaboration with world renowned movement theater artist James Donlon. Donlon founded of The Flying Actor Studio an international institute for movement theater, in San Fransisco California and has been performing internationally since 1970.
Hoshor has supervised production and 2D/23 compositing for award winning animation. “Skoffee” screened at Animex, and Siggraph Space, and “Escape”,won a Gold Remi Award at Worldfest 2002. Hoshor has exhibited oil and digital paintings internationally. “Maria Theresa and Gramps” was a finalist in the Fractal Design Contest and made an international tour in 1996.

Professor Hoshor served as Course Organizer for Siggraph’s “Acting and Drawing for Animation” workshop in 2004. She does reviews and final copy editing for Focal Press. Lucilla Hoshor was the founding advisor for the Contemporary (formerly Classical) Animation Society in 1995. She continues to contribute to CAS with pantomime lectures and workshops. She is a contributing member of ASIFA.

2004 Acting and Drawing for Animation: Siggraph – Los Angeles, 2002 Animation Clean Up, 2001 The Making of Shrek, 2000 Gesture Drawing For Animation, 1999 - 2002 - Animal Drawing Workshops, 1998 Animation Lecture Series, 1995-97 Digital Painting, 1992-’93 Advanced 2D Animation, 1990 Introduction to Painting and Animation, 1990 - Computer Graphics Animation Display, 1988 SCAD Has AutoCAD

2004 “Six Classes to Unleash the Creative Toon Spirit” November Issue Animation Magazine, 2002 “Producing Animation” Focal Press–final copy review and editing

1997 MacWorld Digital Art Expo, 1996 National Tour Art Images Gallery digital, 1997 Kathleen Miller Dance Company animated set designs, 1994 Boston First Impressions Gallery Maria Theresa and Gramps, 1993 Waterlady 3D Animation, 1995 Oregon Computer Art Traveling Show curator, national tour, 1993 Moon Animation PCTV, 1992 The Gibson Wife & Mrs. Alabaster, 1990 International Exhibit – cibachrome prints, 1989 - London, UK Camberwell

Digital Ink and Paint, 2D Animation for Independent Production, Survey and Advanced Survey of Computer Art Applications, Animation I & II, Acting for Animators, 2D Final Animation Project II, Color and Compositing, Introduction to 2D Animation, Computer Art Studio I, 2D Classical Animation, Electronic Painting, Introduction to Computers, Introduction to Animation, Intermediate Animation, 2D Computer Animation,

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