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  1. Alexander commented on DREKI
    Heartily wish you a Happy New Year!!! Be happy, healthy and, as usual successful in everything you do! And of course, stay as beautiful as you are! Thank you for your really gentle, soulful, good songs! With the very best wishes from Russia; Alex :))
  2. Alexander commented on DREKI
    Yeah!;)) It's a really cool, nice and merry song! Thanks a lot! I like it very much! It really must be nice for children to hear it! And the whole story must be interesting and amusing, I think! :)) With the best wishes from Russia, Alex :))
  3. Hello, Eivor! And very warm greetings from Russia! It's been very interesting for me to discover you and to hear your songs! And of course, it is always really very pleasant to hear you singing! I've already bought your album 'Eivor' on