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Braga, PT

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musician for over 13 years; background in classical studies, musicology, music technology, and sonology. played in symphony orchestras, etc. had several projects. played in free improvisation groups, attended viola masterclasses by richard woyscizky or igor souliga, participated in semminars with trevor wishart and daniel teruggi, in free improvisation workshops with peter evans, mark dresser, and fred frith. taught by people playing with evan parker, assistants of stockhausen and koenig. worked as a sound designer and sound engineer. had 2 labels. played in festivals like sxsw, or exit festival. played on the streets to have money to eat. actively volunteered in several institutions. I am a teacher with few students and earn not even a half of the necessary money to pay a rent. currently striving for finding all possible means of earning some money. to contact me, tiagomoraismorgado [at] gmail [dot] com

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