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Composing music for more than 15 years, Novica's experience in musical composition has spanned over many styles and facets of the industry. With experience in Television, Digital Media, and an album release under his belt, it is easy to see his clear focus and admiration for his craft.

Novica specializes in putting a unique touch to any project. It is not always easy to translate emotion into music. Especially, when it comes to someone elses vision. That is where understanding music as a language is so important, and what makes him so relevant.

From acoustic instruments to synthesizers. From dusty vintage and historical, to modern mechanics. With such a broad set of tools, any canvas can be transformed into a masterpiece.

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  • Knobwork - Full scale audio composition and production for TV & Film


  1. Natalie Faye Young
  2. Mindsai
  3. Tomer Almagor

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