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RTF 343/388P. Unique course #08700.

This course will focus on documentary as an art form, in both the films we study and the creative work we produce. Students will be introduced to the combined and overlapping practices of documentary and experimental filmmaking. Students will be encouraged to utilize a variety of innovative approaches and techniques. We will explore non-traditional uses of talking heads, imaginative ways of incorporating archival and found footage, hybrid genres, poetic and lyrical music-oriented work and other unconventional approaches. The study of both non-fiction and experimental practice and aesthetics will be in service of the creative work created by students in the class.

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  2. Laura Alejandra Jimenez
  3. Taylor Barron
  4. John Hansen
  5. Avalon Gordon
  6. Remigio Vitales
  7. Lynn Holland
  8. Mar González Ruiz de Larramendi
  9. Erica Robert Pallo
  10. ellen spiro
  11. betsy martinez
  12. Jordan Kerfeld
  13. SVA Film/Video
  14. johan rijpma

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