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Marco Bechini was born in 1961 in Sesto San Giovanni, the Milan factory area.
After completed high-school to become a primary school teacher joins to the
“Piccolo Theatre of Milan” where he studied as actor. During the following
four years Keeps on his acting studies with Dominic De Fazio of the Actor
Studio (NY). Subsequently he studies communication and NLP to the Time
manager international in Hillerod, Denmark. In the years eighty works in
theatre where the preparations are kept from A.Ferrante and R. Santi, also
works in some Fictions tv with actors as Bramieri, Vianello and Proietti.
Always in the years 80 and 90 enacts in several commercial spots with
Directors as Sannia, Bedeschi, Follini, Lo Giudice, Martinelli and so on. In
the field of “Cinema” works with P.Squitteri and in the first Zazzaro film “In
coda alla coda”. Then starts collaborating as author at first in the RAI 3
program “Pubblimania” after for the Grundy Italia in the game show “vinca il
migliore” (Mediaset channels). In 2000 begins to collaborate as Copy with
the Enfant Terrible Agency and at the same time works as Actor Trainer in
the sit-com “Due per tre” with J. Dorelli and L.Goggi, always for Mediaset. In
the 1998, with the comical subject ”Palle da toccare” he wins(co-winner) the
first prize to the literary contest dedicated to the cinematographic subjects
“Cinema Parade” sponsored by ANICA. In 1999 photograph assistant of
Douglas Bassett and Cesare Monti Montalbetti. In 2000, after to have been in
charge of the direction of the animations for Motion Capture for Dreamagic-
Motion capture for the Cinema- Cinecittà Holding, he is ready to face the road
of the Direction. For six years functions as creative and director for a
production house specialized in the film toys and kids realization. In 2004 with
Ebola industries realizes viral films turns them is for the web that for the TV.

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