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  1. Mark D. commented on KEEPSAKE
    Scarred, marked for life..... Wow. You have such a evocative way of talking. I'm so happy to note that so much depth and feeling and emotion went into this piece.....and that she wasn't just some objectified obsession of beauty that he mooned over.…
  2. A little surprised that this got into Sundance, not gonna lie. Too ambiguous, too vague. If it had been an experimental, fine. But for a narrative film.........not enough to grind your teeth into. The man comes across as a pedophile. I know he's…
  3. Truly beautiful. Like the black and white stuff better, though. Wish you would have stuck with black and white al the way through
  4. Mark D. commented on KEEPSAKE
    oh yeah, and with the synopsis, maybe just say something about the mystery ( :
  5. Mark D. commented on KEEPSAKE
    hmmmm. the wounds have scarred over. this phrase is sticking with me. what does that mean? has he healed? or is he just resigned and accepts it somewhat? He does not seem to be healed. there seems to be a good deal of pain on the old man's face,…
  6. Mark D. commented on KEEPSAKE
    I also don't understand the word "disenchanted." How can he be disenchanted if he never tried, it's as if he's somewhat blaming the girl for things. But she is not to blame. She is practically objectified by him.
  7. Mark D. commented on KEEPSAKE
    too shy, too fragile or too neurotic to act on his wishes. So he holds her as an ever-present dream, a wish, a desire, the only true love he'll ever have, but that he won't allow himself to "have." And that of course begs the question of why he would…