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This artist has had ups and down..although faced with critical stages in hiz life... he has became a more stronger artist...he has work with such labels, as DA'VILLE E.N.T,, MANIC MUSIC,,STEADYWESTMOVEMENT,,DERANGE E.N.T,,LORENZO STUDIO 22,This artist iz strictly west coast ,and his heart beats for the west coast. "PAKK HEATT CEO AND FOUNDER OF HEATTED E.N.T" he also has a line up of young vets with lyrical skills to match any artist signed to a major deal,,PAKK HEATT he alway's stressed how important it iz ,,,to show love..but this artist feels like he'z been left out.".well as he put it shoved to tha bakk of the line"! we kaught up wit tha rapper and he had this to say....""""".for all u muthafukas that wouldnt let me in the door im kiking them bitches down end quote"""""""""


  1. Diddy
  2. Elvis