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Samuel Caruana was born in Paterson, New Jersey and grew up in some of the most iconic recording studios in NYC. In 2013 two of Samuel's films are making the Festival circuit " Peanut Butter & Jelly " directed by David Winkfield is an official selection of the Tribeca Flm Festival and " Not Another Celebrity Movie " directed by Emilio Ferrari opened February 2013 at The Berlin Film Festival. In late March, Samuel can be seen in the music video " The Phoenix / Young Volcanoes for Island Def Jam recording artists Fall Out Boy and directed by: (Andrew Zaeh & Adam Donald)otherwise known as DONALD/ZAEH. Samuel is making a name for himself as a gifted comedian with roles on television " The Neighbors " on ABC and " Victorious" on Nickelodeon. Samuel is also a talented dramatic actor and later in 2013 Samuel can be seen on the the Biography Channel series " Killer Kids ". For the narrative short film "Kickstart Theft", Samuel was personally selected for the role of Kierky by the films director, Frederic Goodich, ASC & Oscar award winning ( " Close Encounters of the Third Kind) cinematographer, Vilmos Zsigmond, ASC. . Samuel is an avid Jazz music lover and has been playing soprano saxophone, since age 5. At the age of 7 Samuel was the youngest band member of the New York Jazz Academy junior Jazz band. Samuel plays recorder, saxophone, and piano. He trains in IADO & KENDO and is a member of the Japanese Swordsmanship Society, in NJ. Samuel has a gift for memorization and is a second year French and Spanish language student. Samuel is privately trained as a foil fencer. He also trains in stage combat and has been trained to use weapons, for film. Samuel is athletic and has played football, soccer and is an avid swimmer. He also loves to roller skate and snowboard. Samuel is a young filmmaker. His 2010 video about the First Amendment won second place in the National First Amendment Contest and was featured in an exhibit at the Newseum, in Washington, D.C. In 2011 Samuel wrote, directed, starred in and released his first short film, " Hummingbird ". Samuel studies acting in Los Angeles and is privately coached. Samuel is an alumni of The Lee Strasberg Film & Theatre Institute, in NYC and he is home schooled.

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