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Hi there,

CarpeDiem Ireland is a brand new media/production start-up company based in Navan, Co Meath, Ireland. We started operations in December of 2012 and haven't looked back since.

CarpeDiem actually started as a stand-alone event/gig that took place in different venues around Dublin and it's satellite towns. We have ran CarpeDiem in The Central in Navan, Swan Lane Music Venue in Navan, Solar Nightclub in Navan and The Round O in Navan. We have also ran CarpeDiem in Ridleys if Dundalk and in Madison Nightclub on Wicklow St in Dublin. We started off from bringing 300 - 400 people into our shows up to a consistent 800 party goers coming to our events. We have ran exactly 13 CarpeDiem events to date and are planning on quadrupling that amount for 2014 as we intend on forming partnerships with more exciting new venues and festivals.

So enough about our past, allow me to attempt to convey an image of our projected future. We want CarpeDiem (That little robot/alien figure kind of logo thing) to become a predominant brand in the light of revellers in our particular demographic. Let me explain what our target demographic is... this demographic has no age restrictions, no geographical boundaries, no racial differences and no cultural dissimilarities. This demographic is driven by scene choice, vibe preference and music selection.

We are 100% undoubtedly located directly at the heart of Electronic Music and all that goes with it. I don't see the benefit in elaboration here in regard to details. If you know... then you know.

Come to one of our shows and see for yourself,

Kind regards,