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I have such a deep passion to help others that it has consumed me. My true desire is to help 1000 others before the age of 55 and to get them financially free from their jobs.

And that all starts right here at this site where I have put my recruiting process on autopilot. See I knew I needed a system that would train and help recruit for everyone that becomes my partner and I knew I needed to do this all on autopilot for the people that did not have the skills.

When someone joins me as a partner in my business, I personally call them and welcome them, then I send them to my training site, so they can get the skills that they might be lacking to be successful online.

I also issue a Tracking Link that tracks all of your hits and unique visitors to a single website. This is where everyone on my team advertises the same URL and my team and I do all the calling and contacting these people for you.

And as these people come into our business they get place by the computer and they fill up all the empty spaces which helps you to build a down line.

See I believe in removing all the fear and help each person to become all they can become by mentoring them 4 times a week for free if they join me in my GBG business

See my friend one of the biggest problems in Network Marketing is duplication, and I have solved that problem for anyone that Joins Me as one of my partners.

Also another reason why people fail is because of lack of time and money, see I have solved this problem also by showing you how to advertise for free with my Video Library I have at my blog

I hope this Bio about me has given you more insight of what I am about and if your truly looking for SOLID HELP in building your Home Base Business then I recommend you go and take tour of my site and of my system.

You will be truly amazed on how I set all this up and by the way I can do the same for you in your business if you join me.

Godbless And Take Care
Frank Gorka--Alpha Leader and Mentor

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