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Currently married to MUSIC. a singer/song writer, guitar, bass, and synth player. enjoys writing lyrics. enjoys art, shutterbugs and has a band called Dear Darling, she loves to sing...
Sucker of literature, poetry, sci-fi and futuristic ideas, philosophy, celluloid and horror film lover... Procrastinator monarch....
a design student living in Florida, trapped in self cocoon....... Believes humans are just like porcupines, we need to retreat and need time alone.
Originally from Mexico City..........
uses this site to be the ocular translation of things found to be inspiring in life.... Doodles will be found often on this site...constantly in search for happiness...
frequently chasing divine, and glorious feelings of joy....
Loves to FROLIC, an animal lover and
enjoys company of family and friends... BUT the real friends.. she has a bad temper :)

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