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Dancing Diablo is an innovative animation studio founded by artist Beatriz Helena Ramos in January, 2002 as a collaborative group of visual artists committed to creating unique, visually arresting animation and design. Dancing Diablo’s philosophy is based on the belief that art inspires, touches and enriches people’s lives. Its unique style stands out by its originality and imagination; by its attention to color, texture, emotion and detail. Dancing Diablo harnesses different animation techniques as it embraces spontaneity, experimentation and happy accidents. It encourages the human touch in all its projects. Soulfulness is never lost at the expense of technical brilliance. The result is work that resonates emotionally and breaks through the clutter.

Dancing Diablo has created animated life for advertising agencies like Arnold, Deutsch, JWT, Leo Burnett, and Ogilvy, among others, with clients as diverse as Coca-Cola, Bud Light, The Bronx Zoo, Kraft, and Jet Blue, to name a few. Dancing Diablo also creates animation for TV networks like PBS, Nickelodeon, MTV and Disney.
For a perennially fresh perspective, true competitiveness and a broader, edgier pool of animation talent, Dancing Diablo has offices in both Brooklyn, New York and Caracas, Venezuela.

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