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Laura graduated with honours in 2000 from Waterford Institute of Technology with a diploma in Art (performance and technology) and was broadcast assistant on South East Radio’s ‘Full Irish Breakfast Show’ before focusing on her professional acting career.
She grew up in Wexford’s ‘theatreworkshop’, which supports Red Moon Theatre (T.I.E.). Riff Raff Theatre and INCA Film. Here she established her acting credentials as well as working in all areas of theatre crafts and production.
Laura has spent the last five years working primarily in film and television.
She has appeared in The Tudors, The Clinic, Bitter Sweet, A Film With Me In It, Anton, Speed Dating and The Honeymooners, to name but a few. She has worked with many influential actors and directors over the years including, Sam Neill, Gerard McSorely, Neill Jordan, Aisling O’Sullivan, Mark O’Halloran, Ian Fitzgibbon, Jon Polito, Eric Shultz, Viko Nikci, Dominic Mafham, Graham Cantwell and many more.
Laura was assistant director and lead actor in Riff Raff Theatre’s premiere stage productions of Sam Shepard’s “States of Shock” and Craig Wright’s “Orange Flower Water” and has also written her own stage play, “Escaping The Rain”.
She is currently collaborating on a feature script ‘The Mind Field’ with two other writers and working on the final part of her short film trilogy.
She wrote and directed ‘Sugar Stick’ earlier this year which had its world premiere at the LA Shorts Fest in July 2009.


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