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Freelance Cameraman
My name is Tasos Nikolaou and I live in Greece. I am working as a cameraman since 1995. I have been collaborated with most of the pan Hellenic range channels but mostly with the channel of ANT1. I have also participated in many coverage events not only in Thessaly but in the rest of the country too. I have worked on documentaries, advertising spots and on athletic organizations.
I am the owner of a full one- camera crew : camera SONY XDCAM HD PDW F335, lens CANON 1/2" HD GC KH20X6.4 KRS, tripod CARTONI, wireless microphones SONY, power pack- charger, batteries SONY, PAGLIGHT 50W, 3quartz 800w MZ Lighting.
I would like to inform you that on account of my perennial experience in this field, I can assure you that I can cope with any need of your company in Greece and abroad alike.
For more information, you can contact me at 6977283246.
I am at your services whenever you need me.

Tasos Nikolaou


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