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Andy Milan is a seventeen year old DJ and remixer from bonn near cologne.

When Andy was 17 he tried himself at many events and festivals, and has thus given him a name. With his special skills he has proven himself with 17 years in the club scene of Bonn in Germany.When Andy was 12 years old he has learned to play piano. even as a little boy he noticed that the music was always in the focus of his life.he has learned so masterfully with a lot of ambition to play the piano. With his musical experiences he has collected eventually discovered the mixing with 14 years.At first he always played on small events and birthdays to catch some experiences. so he could save his money for more professional DJ Equipments.He inspired the crowds in clubs to come up like an earthquake! His Charismatic style & special mix between electro&prog makes the night unique!He creates unforgettable DJ-sets. In his sets he emphasizes the sound of harmonious vocals and epic electronic basses.There is no doubt, artist generate especially in our scene, hypes occur again and again.

He is the Winner of the LONNYLAND DJ CONTEST 2013 !


  1. CLR
  2. Future TV
  3. DanceTrippin
  4. Tiësto

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