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Derrick “DollaBill$” Shim-Hue, a man with many faces and talents. Born in Manhattan, NY on 2/06/1989 but lived most of his life in Palm Beach County, Fl. Since he grew up in a single parent home he learned how to take on responsibility really young in his life, especially being the older of 2 sons. He tried to get into sports growing up as a kid but he always found himself losing interest. The only hobby he never gave up on or lost interest in was when he wrote his first song at age 13. Little did he know that was the start of a very long journey ahead of him. Influenced by The New York Hip-Hop culture and Queens Rapper 50 cent, Derrick put out countless mixtapes on the streets of West Palm Beach. At first he used to record songs off a tape recorder, but eventually stepped his game up learning and teaching himself how to use better recording equipment and programs for his 3 songs a day habit he had. Was somewhat of a wild card and a trouble maker in his teens. Always having confrontation with the law, but all that changed after the birth of his first and only daughter Samiyah. Has been featured on the popular mixtape series Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes and did multiple projects with Shadyville Entertainment’s own Dj Young Cee, who has his own mix show on Sirius satellite radio on Shade 45, which is owned by mega star rapper Eminem. Has a single on iTunes called “On The Moon”. Very determined and very motivated, he puts out just about 5 songs a month just to get his numbers up and to get feedback from friends and fans so he can give them what they want. In his music you can really tell that he’s doing it for the love of the art, and not just for the money, which explains why he’s currently attending Miami International University of Art & Design to get his bachelor’s degree in audio production.