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Black Light Music is a highly regarded artist recording label/entertainment studio. We were founded by Veezy King and Tiki & Eve back in 2011. The label is vital imprint of African musical cultures with the addition of international music vibes in general.

Monica Ross was the original president of Black Light Music, but Eve took over the position in 2012 to allow Monica Ross to focus on managing all our Black Light Music Artists. Artists include Veezy King, Tiki Maglory, Slim Wizard and Funk Ice.

Black Light Music has been on a constant rise to the top of the Afro beat, Afro hip hop, and R&B since 2011. We got our start from the streets of Dallas, Texas and have signed some of the biggest artists that are making music globally.

We continue to work with our music family to ensure their long-term goals and interests. The objective is to look ahead and strive to be the leader in African music culture around the world. Our music artists are a reflection of our hard work.

Contact us for more information about our recording label and the services we provide. We offer many services to up and coming artists that will allow them to see their potential.

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