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My name is Vincent Medina.

I have applied my infinite curiosity & insatiable appetite for business aesthetics, image, culture, & process improvement to the ArtfulMind.Biz business point of view & creative landscape.

I would like to do the same for your business.

ArtfulMind.Biz business model/focus...

I resolve to provide great resource for printing | branding | social media | creative design | business process improvement | marketing | Online Google Search Visibility Domination Expert | SEO | advertising for business | realtors in Santa Monica | Los Angeles | Pacific Palisades | Malibu | Marina del Rey | Hollywood Hills | Beverly Hills | Larchmont | S CA.

innovative creative solution + print/online project management + clean efficient design + effective/measurable result + strategic sourcing + qualitative production + quantitative cost reduction.

Technology is changing at the speed of novel thought, we the people, remain flexible to change and open to the continuum of the proverbial building of a better mouse trap.

Some of my branding work can be found throughout Marshall Design Group and their design, web site, print ads, online presence, social media assets, vehicle wrap design, apparel, email marketing,...

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