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  1. Hi Chris. Take a look here
  2. Thanks Tommy, I have tried it, but it doesn´t work. Flash works on Youtube without any issues. I reinstalled Firefox but nothing has changed. I have sound, but only a black screen in Firefox and a green screen in Internet Explorer :(
  3. Hey Chris, try uninstalling and reinstalling Flash and see if that helps!
  4. I have got the same problem, but firefox is fresh updated (FF25). Should I delete or install specific Firefox Add-ons?
  5. Vimeo is shit! Shitty seeking system.... and i can get audio as well! And i have tried everything, uninstalled chrome and so on... but then i install firefox -> it works :) PLS FIX CHROME BUG MAN!
  6. not sure. how can i tell?
  7. Do you have any add-ons or plug-ins running on your web browsers? If so, could you try disabling them?
  8. video's from other news sites work, but vimeo video's do not. only get the initial still picture and sound but then the screen goes black as sound continues.