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I am a producer, content developer and digital cinematographer. As the owner of Rosey Media, I produce and create content, some of it branded, for TV networks, ad agencies and web clients. I spent 10 seasons working at SNL, and served as the Director of Photography on over 50 SNL Digital Shorts on NBC including the first viral video, 'Dick in a Box'.

I also have experience producing and shooting on feature films internationally and in the US.

See my companies Creative Beliefs below.

Rosey Media: Our Creative Beliefs

We love what we do. We create new ideas. We believe that new ideas are needed, all day, everyday.

We create content that connects and motivates people. We adhere to a high standard of creative quality.

We hate pretense.

Turning a concept into content is a team process.

We believe in the creativity of the people on our teams.

With our heads in the clouds and feet on the ground, we are creativity driven while remaining fiscally astute. Translation: we are almost pathologically obsessed with keeping projects on time and on budget.

We believe all content is multi-platform, and the internet is the center of the universe.

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