Powderpak Parks Plus

South Dandenong 30mins from Melb

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Snowboard and ski jib facility, all weather, many features, now open.
PowderPak Parks Attendance Details:
- Safety: Helmets compulsory wrist guards highly recommended
- Cost: Members price $25 per session non members $35 per session.
- Membership $30
- Bookings preferred and prioritized, contact: info@powderpakoz.com
- Waivers: Rider waivers to be signed by all participants/guardians
- EFTPOS payment accepted (no cash out)
- Food and drinks available (Strictly no alcohol to be consumed on the premises).
- Limited rental stock available (please request at least 1 day prior to session).

PowderPak Parks is a new concept currently being developed in Australia
and is the natural evolution of a sport that is heavily weather dependent.

Not everyone is lucky enough to chase the winter around the world and
keep a snowboard or skis under their feet. Similarly the industry slows down or stops for each hemisphere when the seasons change in turn limiting opportunities to develop skills, product development, training programs and general shredding opportunities.

This is no longer the case with PowderPak Parks.

Patrons can use PowderPak Parks rain, hail or shine and have fun
whilst progressing their skills all year round.

PowderPak Parks is the ideal facility for promotional and sponsorship events, competitions, snowsports R & D, training, commercial photo shoots, school programs and client experience events.

As freestyle skiing and snowboarding make up the majority of the snow
population, PowderPak Parks has been set up with interchangeable
features to suit all levels of riders.

We are stoked to have such a great amount of interest with the park at this early stage and look forward to riding with you.

Shred on, stay stoked.

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