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I love: God first, My Wife, Kids, Work, My band, Music, Tasteful well done videos. In that order.
Main ambition: Teach about the real God and His plans for us through music, lyrics, and video.


  1. Desiring God
  2. LovetheFrame
  3. Dustin Farrell
  4. Lucas Thanos
  5. Andrew Thomas Huang
  6. Hans Leysieffer
  7. françois vautier
  8. Lucid Inc.

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  1. Loved it. It was a creativity extravaganza! Peace
  2. This man speaks very wisely. Peace
  3. I'm pretty sure that people do not speak in gibberish when they pray alone. This is for a show in public. Peace
  4. Truly amazing footage Daniel. The clouds actually looked like a tossing sea. Great eye.
  5. Everything fit. Thank you for the film.