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Bringing both sides of the Mediterranean sea closer: the challenge of the Euro-Mediterranean Cooperation

The SALTO EuroMed Resource Centre supports cooperation between European and Mediterranean countries ithrough

1. Training Opportunities & Events

The SALTO EuroMed Resource Centre works with National Agencies to propose innovative thematic training courses on EuroMed Youth priorities. These include the fight against racism, the place of women in society and minority rights among others, and allow participants to integrate these priorities into their own projects.

"Contact Making Seminars" build real partnerships between MEDA countries and Programme Countries, and "Short Study Visits" present youth work in the region.

2. Dissemination of Good Practices

The SALTO EuroMed Resource Centre compiles and disseminates educational good practices in training and youth work to create a common memory. It:
- Coordinates an on-line "Toolbox" offering users access to different training tools and documents ;
- Collects "Bringing both sides together" educational training courses reports
- Publishes the "Meet In EuroMed" magazine biannually
- Organises a "Tool Fair" every year to give youth actors the chance to share their good practices and to increase their knowledge of newly developed educational tools.

3. Support to Networks

The SALTO EuroMed Resource Centre supports the network of National Agencies, Euro-Med Youth Units and Multipliers of the YiA Programme with:
- The dissemination of information about relevant issues through the website
- The dissemination of educational good practices in youth work through newsletters on "EuroMed Cooperation". Newsletters and magazines are also distributed to all partners, both institutional and non-governmental.
Moreover, the SALTO EuroMed Resource Centre responds to particular requests from Euro-Med Youth Units and National Agencies and offers opportunities for job shadowing.

4. Partnerships

The SALTO EuroMed Resource Centre works in close partnership with several European and Mediterranean institutions. This includes work with:
- The Council of Europe's European Youth Centres, which have working groups on quality standards, valuation and validation of the knowledge acquired during training)
- The European Commission and Council of Europe's "Training for European youth activity leaders", which includes two publications on youth and training: «T-Kits » and « Coyote»
- The European Commission and Council of Europe's "Euro-Med Cooperation in training"

- The European Youth Platform
- The European Youth Forum
- The Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for the Dialogue between Cultures
- EuroMed Youth Units

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