Bucharest, Romania

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Some people like Jazz...

I love it so much that, after a few years of singing jazz standards I decided to have my own album of music that makes me feel best when I sing and listen to it. This is how "Cloud" was made, with a lot of passion from both me and my band, The Lucky Charms.

The songs in the album are written by some very talented people - Bazooka and Christie from Moonlight Breakfast, Alex Burcea from Mandinga, Elena Morosanu and Ciprenko.

The first single is called "Cloud". The video, directed by Razvan Marinescu, was shot in my grandmother's village, where I used to spend holidays as a kid.

Another passion of mine, besides music, is acting. I am currently part of the cast of 3 plays:

"The Shape of Things" by Neil LaBute, directed by Vlad Zamfirescu

"Maitreyi" directed by Chris Simion

"The Lesson" by Eugen Ionesco, directed by Horatiu Malaele

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