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  1. you guys need to post this to youtube as well
  2. 4 years to get credits TOWARDS an associates?! How about 4 years to get a full bachelors degree.
  3. I was city police officer for Cactus and then a deputy sheriff for Moore County....Good luck! The biggest hurdle will be the city council members. Shady doesn't begin to describe the political scene there.
  4. I'm a natural born Texan, but Issaquah is my other home. I've been to hundreds of other cities and dozens of countries and none of it compares to Issaquah, WA to me.
  5. This doesn't do Issaquah justice. ;)
  6. What a really boring video.
  7. I think I got that kind of viz twice in the gulf haha! Great video brother
  8. This is why the standby needs to be all but hatted up. 41 seconds is too long. And maybe get a little closer to the edge? Lots of trip hazards in that 8 feet he had to run.