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Founder & Executive Director of the PeaceZone Empowerment Network
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Education: Doctor of Law, Cornell Law School, 1977; Attended Albright College ‘71-‘72 completing Bachelor of Economics, State University of New York, 1974; Member Omicron Delta Epsilon Economics Honor Society

Areas of Expertise: Strategic Briefings on Market Entry Business and Legal Planning for International Projects; Briefings on USA Export and Import Regulations; Briefings on Legal Aspects of Doing Business in North America, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Africa, and the Middle East.; Immigration Law and Procedures Briefings for Companies and Investors; Entertainment and Sports Law; Internet Law Briefings; Joint Venture Agreements; Agency and Franchise Agreements; International Business Transactions; Public Relations and Media Consulting; Briefings on Current M.E. Business Law and Contract Procurement Regulations for American, Asian and African Companies; Project Development and Preparation of Business Plans.

Academic Work in Progress: Writing a book and developing eLearning courses on non-interest based project finance for new business-start ups; and Strategic Market Entry Business Models for doing business in the USA, Asian, African and M.E. countries.

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