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Gary Wiseman is a Portland-based visual artist and curator. He works in video, installation, sculpture, relational aesthetics, drawing, sound and performance. Wiseman has exhibited and performed in Australia, Canada, New York and Portland. Wiseman has performed and shown with Flux Factory (NY 2008), Nuit Blanche Festival in (Toronto 2007), the PICA TBA Festival in (Portland 2007), The Reed College Cooley Memorial Gallery "Suddenly" Exhibition (Portland 2008), Gallery Homeland (Portland 2008), Milepost 5 (Portland 2007, 2008) and the Igloo Gallery (Portland 2009). Wiseman has held residencies in Portland and New York. He has received honarariums from Reed College, The Regional Arts and Culture Council, Gallery Homeland, Flux Factory and the Portland Institute For Contemporary Art.

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