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Graphic/3d artist, and programmer..
currently learnin processing, so i can kick butt in generative art and visualisations stuff...
i pretty much love photoshop and 3ds Max...


  1. Paper Fortress
  2. The Creators Project
  3. Vimeo Video School
  5. Ryan J Woodward
  6. Onur Senturk
  7. Matthew DiVito
  8. Gnomon School of Visual Effects
  9. Thinking Digital
  10. Short of the Week
  11. Justin Windle
  12. Diana Lange
  13. Imaginary Forces
  14. Jesse Rosten
  15. Industrial Design Sketching
  16. TO-FU
  17. GMUNK
  18. blprnt

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  1. great!
  2. Awesome stuff!! very nice attention to detail.