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Buck Feris who is a cranky paramedic that was born and raised in the Great Nation of Texas, but now finds himself in the wilds of Kentucky. He has been in the field since 1995 and has worked in EMS in a spectrum of settings including private, non-profit, government-based, fire-based, critical care, emergent and non-emergent care. For the last several years, his career focus has been on EMS education and he has been the coordinator of several paramedic programs. During a momentary lapse of reason that still confounds friends and family he once served a four year stint as a fire fighter. He is currently the co-host of the EMSEduCast.com and regularly appears on the EMSGarage.com when they tolerate his presence. He has a blog called Gomerville.com which is rarely updated but good for an occasional laugh. If you want to see him rant and rave and get truly upset you should read his twitter posts @buckman. You can also find him on Facebook. If you would like to tell a story on the show, lob praise in his general direction, or lodge a complaint, you should email him at buck@copycodethree.com.

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