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Caroline is an experienced, industrious, technically accomplished, visual artist who has already amassed an impressive body of work. Her story starts in Reading where she studied Computer Science before hightailing it to Barcelona to do a Computer Animation degree and from there heading back to her Portuguese homeland to be feted in one of the world’s most unsung cinematic markets. Or at least that was the plan. Showing the single-mindedness that is her signature, Caroline soon realized that she had to leave behind her beloved homeland to make her mark in the film industry and so enrolled on a Comprehensive Compositing course at Escape Studios in London. Within a day of completing the course it was evident she had made the right decision- she was employed on the spot and has worked ceaselessly in the visual effects industry ever since, contributing to a string of commercial and critically acclaimed feature films including The Dark Knight, Where The Wild Things Are, Australia and 127 Hours.

Caroline’s restless personality ensures that she is always on the hunt for new ideas and projects. Her work is not solely confined to Compositing but also towards VFX Supervision and Direction, as shown in numerous external ventures, the pick among them being last year’s stint as on set supervisor for a La Roux music video and on set VFX technician for Jon Wright’s “Grabbers”.

Caroline has continued her upward trajectory by fulfilling a long held ambition to direct. Her knowledge and experience have found their fullest expression in this latest phase of her development and have been showcased in her debut offerings Twisted Roads and Say I Can With iKan.

Her willingness to learn, ability to absorb new techniques and all round affability have seen her progress rapidly and her professionalism and innate creativity augur well for her continued success.

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