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cinematographer/video producion...... and TV director of photography/cameraman.


  1. vered koshlano
  2. Mélanie Zadeh
  3. Anneliese Possberg
  4. Anne Jo Lee
  5. issoproducoes
  6. mari-liis lind
  7. Nadine Petry
  8. camerawoman
  9. Amélie Renoncule
  10. Gregory Colbert
  11. Arturo Querzoli
  12. Afonso Poyart
  13. Coletivo Filmes
  14. Ana M Amortegui
  15. RED Digital Cinema
  16. BlueSand studios

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  1. this man is a wonderful artist i atteneded with him a workshop on 1999 in the goethe institue....i wish he is having the best health and life and deliver more creative art to our world. mr.beat thanks for the great artist you are.