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  1. you provided so much information in just one minute! well done girls! your footage connected well with your information and all in all it as put together spectacularly!
  2. your video was really informative, i noticed that your footage was very relevant to what you were saying which made it very clear to understand! well done girls x
  3. you used such interesting and clever footage for this video! i had no idea Europe was once submerged in water, so well done, i definitely learnt a lot, the rhetorical question at the start was a good starter as well!!! x
  4. you had really good presentation! i liked the videos and photos you used and your video was well researched on the rising of the Himalayas! well done :)
  5. very smart to put music in the background, made it very enjoyable to watch, you provided a lot of useful information and overall it was a fantastic video! well done ebony and maddie x
  6. this was a really clever video, the footage you chose were very relevant! you really taught me a lot about the evolution of mammals, especially showing a great understanding of your topic! :) good job Saff and Jenn
  7. Chloe McLennan commented on Opals
    the style your video was portrayed in was really captivating and was very creative! you showed a clear understanding of how opals were developed! god job pip and megan!